Friday, September 17, 2010

Modella 11pc getaway/ makeup bag

So....... me and my boyfriend went on our many late night trips to walmart. Ugh I hate going to walmart during the day because our town is so small, there is always so many people there and ALWAYS somebody that I don't want to see. So we go shopping at night most of the time. But anyway we was there looking around and me being a cheap shopper I always go check out the clearance section, which is conveniently located right next to the makeup we was leaving the clearance section this bag popped out at me. It was love at first sight !!! lol So I had to get it. Im such a sucka for anything pink and zebra. Yall I have a !!! Check out my video haul/ review video I did on this bag. click link------->HAUL...MODELLA 11PC GETAWAY / MAKEUP BAG  . Well I gotta run ladies my next video will be my purse collection. If yall have any requst just let me know.

                                                                   love yall !!!!